Private Parties


Private Parties for Any Occasion!

Planning private parties can be an exhausting ordeal. Why not let the pros at Harlem Crawls get the details right for you. There are so many things that need to work in order for a private party to work. The location needs to be ultimate, the venue, the guests and the theme needs to be party-friendly. Come to Harlem and enjoy the location of a vibrant backdrop that will have all your guests creating memories. How many times have you hosted a party and ended up running around trying to get everything to flow? You end up missing out on the fun! You should be a part of the fun. You have little time to be the life of the party if all you’re doing is running around sweating the details. It’s all about the people and the creating a great time while being a part of the fun.

Why your private party should be in Harlem

When you have a private party, you’re giving your guests an exclusive treatment – they should feel special and intimates. We help bring your ideal group together in a location that fosters fun in close proximity to New York City. Harlem is a fabulous place to celebrate a private party while crossing different milestones in your life. You may want to celebrate a new job, promotion, accomplishment, anniversary, new house, new baby, a birthday, reunion and more. Each of your important milestones will thrive amidst all the charms of Harlem. Envision the drinks, music, guests and events of the night. Now think about all these great party details falling together. You don’t need to worry about running out of drinks or having horrible music Harlem Crawls will take care of everything for you.


You may want to have a large or small party, but there are certain things that you may have overlooked. Perhaps you didn’t know that all the people in your invite list would say yes! Now you have a huge guest list that sends you into a panic. Come to Harlem and welcome your private party in our professional workflow and availability to organize a successful party. The music will be flowing and our creativity and production skills will make your event seemingly impossible. When you come to Harlem and experience a private event, you’ll be sure to some back again. Harlem crawls production skills will blow you away as our event managers and party planners work to bring your private parties to life.

Your theme will be delivered with your budget in mind. Our team of experts will assist you from start to finish in the entire planning process. We want to make sure your party is a success and exactly what you want. Let us overcome the stress that comes with planning private parties.