How It Works

Here's How It Works!3 Easy Steps




Let's Get Started!

Attending your first pub crawl? Get ready for a night you won't soon forget! Being your first time, though, we understand if you're a bit fuzzy on how a pub crawl works. No worries! Enjoying these crawls to the most popular pubs in Harlem is a simple matter.

1. Get your Tickets

This is just about the most important part of your pub crawl experience. After all, you can't just follow crawlers around when they go between pubs. Well, you can, but you won't get any of the awesome drink specials that are devoted solely to pub crawl participants.

You can purchase your ticket in advance, and in fact, it's recommended that you do so. There is a potential that pub crawls could get full and we may have no further tickets. If this doesn't happen, you can purchase a ticket on the day of the crawl. Why even take the chance, though?

Dress the Part

When the big day rolls around, make sure that you're dressed to impress. No, you're not going to a job interview. Do keep in mind, though, that some pubs and clubs have strict dress codes. No one wants to get stuck outside because they didn't throw on a collared shirt over their favorite Walking Dead t-shirt, and since you'll be meeting all sorts of new people, you'll want to look great anyway.

Dress how you would if you were going out on a nice date on the town. Heck, you might just end up doing so.

2. Meet Up

When the time of the pub crawl rolls around, you'll need to meet at the spot that we pre-designate to begin. You'll get your wristband and be sent off with everyone to your first pub. Make sure you came prepared with your ticket and ID. After all, don't you want to know there aren't any 16 year olds tagging along on your crawl through the most popular pubs around?

3. Let's Get This Party Started!

Once we get rolling, the party is on! You'll be informed where each of the pubs are on the crawl, and we'll let you know when it's time to move on to each. Keep in mind that establishments only offer pub crawl drink specials during certain hours, so if you don't keep up with the crawl, you might miss your special at a specific pub.

All of the venues are close to one another, so no need to worry about having to drive around. Simply come prepared to enjoy your night and meet new friends to spend the next pub crawl together with.